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Welcome friends! Be sure to check out the Subscription and Fun Box section, the different collections and the Sales! Contact me if you have any questions! Most important, just do the thing! Buy the one thing you have been scared to buy! Wear that piece of lingerie you have been scared to wear! BE fun! Be Fearless! Be Confident!

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~Sarah Foster

  • Zena

    THE best thing I have ever slept in! SO soft and so comfy and still sexy as all hell!

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  • Miracle Oil

    Literally the fastest healing magic potion I have ever used! After surgeries, sunburns, cuts and scrapes, the list is long. This is always in my home!

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  • Wild At Heart

    So cute, so sexy and so versatile. Wear alone or under clothes. Wear under a blazer during the day or wear at night. Ssall thru XL. Rowr.

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  • Coochy Shaving Cream

    It doesn't matter what you are shaving - bikini line, legs, all of it - smooooth shave, no rash, no red bumps!

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  • Skinny Dip Bubble Bath/Shower Gel

    The best selling, best feeling shower gel ever. The scent is long lasting and the best thing - it is pH balanced! Healthy for your HooHah!

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  • Our Little Secret

    Two sets of remote control toys, one for you and one for your partner. Take your relationship to the next level. Now you BOTH get a remote!

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