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Chafe Escape

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Ready to feel cool, comfortable, and confident? Experience the refreshingly smooth sensation of Chafe Escape. This protective cream to powder formula is filled with soothing botanicals that make it a must-have. It’s perfect for easily irritated areas like your thighs, arms, and nipples. Simply apply as needed to transform problem areas into smooth, dry skin.

● Shorts? Skirts? No problem! Wear anything you want without the worry of chafing.
● Derived from cassava root, tapioca starch ensures quick absorption and a smooth, non-greasy finish on your skin.
● Formulated with vitamin E to help soothe and alleviate irritation.
● Free of talc and parabens.
● At 3 FL.OZ./90 ml, this beauty essential fits perfectly in your purse or carry-on bag, so you’re always ready for whatever the day brings you.