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Skinny Dip - Bubble Bath/Shower Gel

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Take it all off with Skinny Dip, an indulgent shower gel and bubble bath combo that’s perfect for anytime you need a steamier take on good clean fun. Whether you’re looking for a hot shower to jumpstart your morning, or a decadent bubble bath to wind down at night—the moisturizing ingredients in Skinny Dip (including argan oil!) are all you need to transform your bathroom into your own slice of paradise. Pro-tip: the hotter your water, the more bubbles Skinny Dip produces, thanks to a special foam-boosting agent in the formula. It’s a win-win: more bubbles = more time soaking, more time relaxing, and more time putting yourself first!

• Try it as a refreshing shower gel to boost your get-clean routine
• Use as a luxurious bubble bath and relax the day away
• Formulated with a foam-boosting agent that helps bubbles last longer
• pH-balanced, paraben-free formula infused with moisturizing argan oil
• Fun fact: the hotter the water, the more bubbles you get!
• 8 FL.OZ./240 ml