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Vaginal Dilator Set

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The Pure Romance Vaginal Dilator Set includes six tapered, 100% silicone vaginal dilators used to slowly stretch the vaginal walls.

• Helps decrease discomfort during intercourse
• Different-sized dilators help you stretch the walls of your vagina at a pace you and your doctor determine.
• Designed for women who experience vulvovaginal pain or discomfort
• Silicone for comfortable use
• Dilators range from:​​• Length: 2.5 in./6.5 cm; Girth 2 in./4 cm
• Length: 3 in./8 cm; Girth 2.5 in./6.5 cm
• Length: 3.5 in./9 cm; Girth 2.75 in./7 cm
• Length: 4.25 in./11 cm; Girth 3.25 in./8 cm
• Length: 5.25 in./13.5 cm; Girth 4 in./10.5 cm
• Length: 6 in./15.5 cm; Girth 5 in./13 cm